How to Update Profile

Learn How to Update Profile on

Learn How to Update Profile on

You will be required to update profile.

There are several sections that need to be filled before you are allowed to bid.

Click Edit Button at the far right.

You will be redirected to fill in a form;

  1. Fill in Your Name
  2. Professional Title – A professional title is like a tag line that tells employer something about your writing. For instance, it can be something like ‘a highly dependable writer’ or ‘a writer who values quality.
  3.  Select Country 
  4. Years of Experience – Give your years of experience.
  5. Hour Rate – give your average rate per hour in Kenya shillings.
  6. Skills – Choose your skills. You can select a number of skills from list given. We encourage you to select atleast 6 skills.
  7. You can check the box if you wish to allow the system to be sending emails relevant to your skills. If you dont wish to have email notifications, you dont have to do anything.
  8. Below, there is a description box. Please make use of this box to tell employer about your writing. Try to have at least 3 lines describing who you are and what you can offer. Employers will be reading your description to decide if they will offer you a job or not

Remember to update


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